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  26 August 2009
Enerlux sponsor prize draw at Hampshire Eco Festival
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Enerlux offer a range of biofuels to meet your transport and energy generating requirements. Complying with EN14214 specifications and standards , our biofuels are competitively priced. Our fuels also come with a full audit trail to confirm source and traceability, available on request.

Production Technology

process is very efficient, there is no need to recover input materials such as methonol as it only uses the amount required, it does not require water so the finished biodiesel is dry, also uses less input energy than coventional batch processes as it does not require any pre-heating of the feedstock.

NonFood BioOils

Our non-food oils are available in bulk on a long term contract, ensuring continuity of supply. Our sourcing relationships are with farming regions that are supplying on a fair trade basis to ensure supply and price stability in the market place.

Alternative Oils